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Our Story✨

December 10, 2019
“It all started with this basket of home-made soaps....” 🧼

People often ask me, “How did you come up with The Low Waste Shop?” and I always answer, “It was my grade 10 business summative,” to which most respond with a questioning face.😂 Well, in short, last year in Grade 10, I created a “business” for my business summative. It was called the “The Waste Less Shop” and had the exact same concept as @thelowwasteshop. When I realized how much my classmates, family, and teachers loved the idea, I pursued to make The Waste Less Shop into a real business model. By joining UNAC’s Generation SDG program, I was able to pursue this goal😊. However, I soon realized that a company named @thewastelessshop already existed, so I altered the name to @thelowwasteshop.

I hope this blog inspires some of you to always believe in yourself and pursue what YOU love to do. I never expected a grade 10 business summative of mine to turn into an initiative that would create an impact.✨

Remember that life is full of amazing and beautiful surprises ⭐️🌍


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