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A little about me!

February 01, 2020
Hi!👋🏽 My name is Mashkura and I’m a Grade 11 student at Sir Wilfrid Laurier Secondary School.

Since a young age, I’ve been passionate about the environment and what I can do to aid our planet. I was too young to understand “Climate Change” and “Global Warming” but I understood that we’ve to respect our planet and keep it healthy/clean if we want to live here. I would do various little tasks to reduce my footprint that would raise many eyebrows with confusion. Many would judge me for be “frugal” but I stuck to my so-called-frugal actions to do what I thought was right (stick to your guts people!).

Let me give you an example, I have a small worn out cardboard box called the GOOS Bin (Good On One Side) where I store all the papers I have that’s good on one side (duh). Whenever I need scrap papers, papers for homework, papers to do complex math equations, or to just make Orgamis, I would reach into the GOOS bin and use them. I’ve encountered countless funny events due to the papers in this bin so it’s bin pretty worth it. Moreover, I had this bin since I was in Grade 4 and over the past 7 years, it has collected many tests/assignments which I look back at and reminisce upon (jk who thinks about their old tests).

Now, you may call me a hoarder and maybe I do display some traits of a hoarder but hey, I’ve reused countless papers and saved them from ending up in landfills after being used just once. This action made me realize that there’s nothing too small one can do to help the planet as every action is a progression towards healing our world. Now, I’m not saying, “Hey! Have a GOOS Bin,” what I’m saying is do what YOU can do to help the planet. It may be judged upon by many but YOU know what you’re doing and the impact YOU’RE creating🖤. That’s all that matters as every small step is a step towards creating an impact that’ll aid our world. :)

I hope this not-so-long blog gave you an insight to who I’m and inspired you to take a small action to help our world. 🌏

Thank you for reading my blog,
Mashkura T.

Ps. I hope you noticed the pun in the 3rd paragraph ;)


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