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Shilpa Rao Picture Shilpa Rao Status Update
Shilpa Rao updated the status of The Three Pillar Challenge
Many people have started to participate in The Three Pillar Challenge! I am currently working towards attaining certain partnerships. View Initiative
December 01, 2020 at 09:20PM
Sam B updated the status of Immunize NOW
Discovery Phase. A plan is laid out, but how I will go about enacting that plan remains to be seen. View Initiative
November 30, 2020 at 09:50AM
Faiz Jan Picture Faiz Jan Blog
Faiz Jan created a new blog post.
Faiz Jan updated the status of Rideau Students' Union
New update: We have launched. We are now recruiting members for the union, we have a website set up though it will be moved to a more professional space when we have the resources for it. The union has 4 leaders, the President, the Media Officer, the Outreach Officer and the Policy Officer. That team has been collected and over the next few weeks, each member will start working on their designated task. We have a three step plan in place: Expansion Recognition Legislation Using this model, we will work together to expand rapidly. View Initiative
November 19, 2020 at 09:20PM
Ellie Murphy updated the status of Pieces Against Plastic
I have launched my initiative in person @ McHaffie Flea Market in Morrisburg, Ontario. I am currently in the process of curating proposals to send to possible future-partnerships. View Initiative
November 19, 2020 at 02:51PM
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@synapcity recently completed its pilot City Lab 2020 program (Feb 25 to Mar 31). Here are 4 Design Questions conceptualized within the 4 CityLab teams:💭1. Economic Development and Poverty: How might we incentivize economic development in established community hubs (physicial and digital) to increase community engagement and reduce poverty?💭2. Systemic Racism: How might we address systemic racism in the workplace at the City of Ottawa?💭3. Youth and Climate Change: How might we create processes and opportunities that broadly and inclusively engage, amplify and empower youth in addressing climate change and being part of climate change solutions?💭4. Food Security: How might we create food communities?🔰Synapcity’s City Lab is a 6-week experiential learning program bringing together students and residents from all walks of life. Participants learn how to become a more effective citymaker and collaborate with others to make a difference in our city. With opportunities to work both in big and small teams, participants use living Ottawa case studies to play with tools, strategies, and resources to advance a city issue.🔰Visit their website:

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Today ‪@unacanada‬ is showing appreciation for all ‪#healthcareworkers‬, ‪#nurses‬ and ‪#midwives‬ by celebrating ‪#WorldHealthDay! T‬ake time today to reflect on the importance of ‪#health‬ and the ‪#healthworkforces‬ working tirelessly in the global ‪#COVID19‬ response. ‪#HealthForAll‬For this year’s #WorldHealthDay @WHO is marking International Year of the #Nurse and the #Midwife! Nurses and Midwives provide essential care services and are continuing to do so during the current #COVID19 outbreak. THANK YOU for everything you do! #SupportNursesAndMidwives @unacanada invites you to share with us any stories of appreciation for #nurses, #midwives and other #healthcareworkers! Share with us the ways in which you are honouring the courage and resilience within your health care community. #SupportNursesAndMidwives #WorldHealthDay#generationsdg #sdgs

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What is the best way to achieve the SDGs?

"There shouldn’t be a timeline of when to stop, but 2030 isn’t the time to stop, it’s the time to re-evaluate."
"You can’t really make change with 4 words, you need everyone’s ideas!"
"Our generation is the missing piece to achieving the SDGs."
"We can't keep relying on others to begin the movement, the power is in our hands, we need to be the ones to start it."